What Is The Infinity Key?

You’re looking at it! The fact you are reading this means you now possess the key. Understandably, however, that IS bit cryptic, so let me explain…

The Infinity Key is the name I have given to a very specific set of instructions, designed to help you unlock your true potential, to un-limit your beliefs about what is and isn’t possible , and to equip you with the one tool, or key, that I believe is the most common missing element for a lot of people.

You are most likely here because you have heard of the Law of Attraction or ‘The Secret’ and you are either seeking more knowledge about it or trying to figure out why some things are working and some things aren’t. If you’re anything like me, you might have even watched ‘The Secret’ film many times and thought you had it figured out and mastered. I know I did. But in the moments of my darkest (financial) despair I found myself returning to the film, but this time there seemed to be more to the message. Much more.

Taking notes of the ideas that resonated with me and making notes as instructed were things I hadn’t done before. This time was different. I was overcome with the urge to write down everything I was thinking and as I began just writing it things immediately began to change. You can read more about the specifics of that event here. As I started making notes, I felt resolute in my conviction that I would want to read these thoughts daily to retain that “fire” we all often get when something resonates with us. Then it hit me: I could set up a daily email, to myself, containing exactly the words that I needed to see every day. Sticking to the wants, needs and concepts that specifically applied to me. Then u thought, “Everyone should do this!” and immediately the idea for building this tool was born and I began to build it.

As I started building it, I knew it needed a name and the name needed to be applicable, appropriate and believable. I wanted something that related to un-limiting or removing the cap we self-impose as it relates to fulfilling our wants, needs and desires. Unfortunaly, all of the “unlimited”-related names were taken: Unlimited Me, Unlimited You, Unlimited Power, etc. At first I was going to name the tool the ” Unlimitizer”. I didn’t love it, but it worked and it was available. My wide kind of liked it. My dad didn’t know what he felt about it. So I held off. In the process of holding off and not trying to force the issue, in communicating with my wife, somehow the word “infinite” came into the conversation, then “key”, then ” the infinity key”. At that moment we turned to each other and smiled. The kind of smile you would probably share upon reading the numbers on a winning lottery ticket. We had the idea, we had the name, development commenced immediately. Within 24 hours the website was live, the Facebook page was created, the twitter account was created, the google+ page was created, the YouTube Channel was created, the domain name “theinfinitykey.com” and username “theinfinitykey” was secured for all of the social media properties, the logo was designed, the website was developed, posts were written and posted to the website and social media, an intro video was created and now, here we are with the initial version of things to commence with!

Will we grow? You bet we will! Will we stick around? We have to – that’s the only way this will work – for us too! We’re just getting started and things are already looking better!