I was teaching a small group of female entrepreneurs yesterday and an even smaller group of male entrepreneurs a few days prior, about marketing and one of the things that seemed to surprise them was my answer to their question: What is the single best method of marketing you can do? In both cases, someone in the group asked me the question and in both cases I gave them the same answer: face-to-face.

I could sense that both groups were ready to dismiss this claim, because let’s face it, in today’s mass marketing world with every screen, transit asset and restroom stall being an opportunity for some advertiser to try to sell something, it seems obvious that advertising is the answer, and partly it is, but you need to treat even the ads you create like a face-to-face experience. Looking at it this way, it is easy to separate the successful from the unsuccessful campaigns, just by looking at them, before they’ve even commenced! The successful campaigns will be the one that speaks to you as if you were actually face-to-face. If it were simply a matter of advertising, companies like Tide would put an ad on TV that’s just text on a screen saying, “When you buy laundry detergent, buy Tide.” They don’t. They speak to busy families, they speak to stay-at-home parents, they speak to anyone who has or might ever care for a rough-and-tumble child who might ever jump in a mud puddle. It’s as if they are showing you a better way, just like your mother, brother, father, sister, friend, aunt, uncle, cousin, nephew, teacher, etc. … whoever … showed you.

In a face-to-face experience, especially with someone who we feel we can trust, the knowledge that they impart to us is one of value, it is to be remembered, it is worth having spent the time learning.

Anyway, I think there is important info here that you can take away from it, but I will leave it at that. It actually seems unrelated to what we’re doing here with The Infinity Key and all, but for some reason inspired thought swept in to my mind this morning and the resulting action is what you’ve just read.

Make it a great day!