Day 6

I wanted to share a little bit of a progress update today, in fact, I have been meaning to share a little bit of an update EVERY day, however, every day has been a little bit of a struggle and when there is a struggle it is sometimes hard to find the motivation to see things through EVEN WITH all of the wonderful tools we might have at our fingertips and the knowledge we have to see it through.

It has now been 8 days since we paid our rent with 36 cents left over. For 7 of those days, with no income, no invoices being paid, nothing to fall back on, we were having a bit of a hard time maintaining a positive outlook. Especially as we saw the refrigerator getting emptier and the cupboards getting bare!

I am not kidding either. We were also down to 5 rolls of toilet paper and we usually have 24!

But we persevered with our positive approach and performed our routines with care and attention, for example, reading my own daily Infinity Key email.

Late in the day yesterday a client who I didn’t really do very much work for, insisted on paying full value for something that took much longer than I would have estimated. So we suddenly had a little under $200 that we knew would be being deposited into our account within the next couple of days.

Yesterday evening, I received a call, quite unexpectedly from someone with Jack Canfield’s success team and long story short, one of the last things she said after hearing my story of late and giving me what I would liken to a “sample coaching session”:

My handwriting leaves a lot to be desired, but this says, “Joyfully receive receivables.”

This morning the deposit was already on it’s way into the account, so we had that to look forward to, but as I arrived at my desk, before I sat down and turned it on I felt compelled to do an about face, return to our bedroom and say to my wife, “better get up, we have a day of joyfully receiving receivables ahead of us!” THEN I sat down at my desk…

In my inbox was one e-transfer for $1,000 from someone who owed a little over $1,000 on their account AND we received $1,250 from someone who only owed $500 on their account! The note that came with it was with the note, “plus a little extra to help you out.” What was interesting about this is that this person had NO IDEA what we have been going through. We also received a cheque in the mail for a little over $100. All totaled we were able to put a little bit towards everything, catch up on the car payment, catch up on the NSF and have money for groceries. It may seem like a lot of money, and it IS a lot of money, however we are not looking at this as though ‘everything is now fixed’. Truth be told, having money there, being able to feed the kids, OBVIOUSLY we are very grateful for that but we are not going to give up though we’re going to see it through. We are going to see each day come and go with a greater feeling of abundance and we will prevail.

We would really encourage you, I would really encourage you to take a minute read through the steps and create your Infiniti key today.

Join me on this amazing adventure! I would love for you to share your results with me, which you can do by contacting me here!

Let’s keep doin’ this!