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How Many Would You Estimate?

I realize it has been a while since the last post, but there has been so much going on and I have so much to share, I’m SERIOUSLY looking forward to it! In the meantime though, here is what happened just moments ago (at the time I STARTED writing this, yesterday):

Which was right after I posted THIS:

Don't Underestimate the Importance of Being Calm

Which was right after I READ this:


Coincidence? I think not. 🙂

My New Daily Email

Having repeated my daily Infinity Key email…daily and coming to a profoundly renewed understanding of how to more accurately go about “speaking into being”, I have decided to re-word my email and in keeping in line with wanting to “feel” more clearly about The Infinity Key itself, I have also renamed it from “My Daily Bread” to “My Daily Infinity Key Email”. Here is the new list (expect it to be refined a little, but that is par for the course):

These are just some of the things I am happy and grateful for right now…

  1. I am happy and grateful for the magical life I live.
  2. I am happy and grateful that I am always rested and relaxed.
  3. I am happy and grateful that I am a best-selling author.
  4. I am happy and grateful that I am a noted speaker.
  5. I am happy and grateful that we have $200,000 in our bank account.
  6. I am happy and grateful that our bills are all paid!
  7. I am happy and grateful that my teeth are fixed.
  8. I am happy and grateful that I have healed.
  9. I am happy and grateful that I get to spend so much time with my kids.
  10. I am happy and grateful that I get to share the cooking responsibilities with my wife now … and I enjoy it!

Feel free to take some or all of these for yourself of course!

What about you? Have you refined your mantra? Have you tweaked your daily affirmations? As always, I would love to hear from you!

Define Your Desires Clearly

There has been SO MUCH to report on lately, especially in the last week, but the one quick thing I wanted to share with you today, right now, is what I believe is the most important sub-step to take when defining your desires: CLARITY

A friend recently told me that at my encouraging, she had made her list of what she wanted from the universe, and it included, “a handsome man with his own money” (She is already somewhat wealthy in her own right, this is why she specified “has his own money“. She wasn’t “digging” so that she didn’t have to work or earn her own money or anything like that.)

Lo and behold SHE GOT IT! What she came to learn, further into the relationship, however, was that he was married AND he had kids! Ouch! But…once she knew this, as much as it hurt, she knew this wasn’t in line with her own desires, so she got out and she more clearly defined her desires.

Although I published my own “Daily Bread” email a few weeks ago, later today I am going to have it more clearly defined and am going to share the new version with you.

As always, I would love to hear of your successes! NOTE: Contacting me does not put you on any list of any kind for emails or anything, so you won’t be spammed or have your address sold. Believe me, I am not going to “throw away” this whole idea just to get one email address that I can use to send some spam to. 🙂

I see the traffic to this website increasing, so I know there are some strangers out there that are happening upon this info! Reach out! I would love to hear from you!

Did the Universe Know?

Keeping all of the website/domain/hosting mumbo jumbo out of the equation…today I am wondering: Did the Universe Know?

Matthew, did the universe know what? What are you talking about?


Ok, here goes. Since putting up, although I certainly didn’t “anticipate” a massive influx in traffic overnight (honestly, it usually takes at least a little while for any site to be indexed, etc.) I have had this nagging voice in the back of my head saying, “you put it on the wrong server, you better move it soon!” and I knew WHY this was the case. To put it plainly, but clearly enough for those who do understand the jargon to understand and for those who don’t to understand as well, basically, the server that I initially set it up on would NOT have been able to handle an influx of traffic. THIS server (if you’re reading this, it means it has moved) CAN handle it. Well, at least it can handle it a LOT more than the other one. If it starts to struggle, that would be a good thing and I would LOVE to have to cross that bridge.

So with the limited, but some traffic it HAD received in the last two weeks, because I didn’t respond to the nagging voice telling me to move it, I am anxious to see if the universe knew and prevented me from finding myself in a situation where BECAUSE I didn’t listen to that inner voice, I, and everyone else would have found myself and themselves staring at a blank webpage when the server it WAS on finally gave out.

Time will tell, but I of course BELIEVE that to be the case!

During Today’s Focus Something Amazing Happened

Today, while I was focusing on the things I want to attract into my life, I closed my eyes and had a VERY CLEAR vision in my mind’s eye and a feeling in my body that is the combination of vision and feeling that I have been wanting to experience since I started this journey using The Infinity Key myself and today was the very first time it happened!

I had just settled in to meditate, searched on YouTube for “meditation music” and turned on the following BEAUTIFUL piece:

Then I had this vision and feeling come into my mind and my body, so I began to write and the rest is what just came out. Maybe it will resonate with you, so I was compelled to share it:

Close your eyes and look around yourself in amazement at what you’ve achieved! It’s perfectly you and you can feel the contentedness in every fibre of your being…

You are smiling ear to ear and like a HERO arriving at the destination after a long, perilous journey, perhaps an adventure, you might even feel compelled to scream out…



But you can believe it. You know WHY you made it.

You made it because you desired it so fully, so completely and so PERFECTLY, that you attracted it into your life effortlessly.

You needed ONLY know that it was possible even though it may have APPEARED im-possible.

The universe THRIVES on positive vibes.

Feed it.


“THE” Goal vs. “MY” Goal

Although I don’t like to use the word “goal” for the simple fact that it seems to indicate an end or a completion, because it is generally understood, particularly in this context, I will use the word goal to describe an achieved objective.

Whenever I, myself look at any of the great coaches, teachers or religious leaders, I find myself identifying with them one way or another. You could say that I subconsciously, objectively judge them, but I don’t believe that is a good way to describe it because truthfully, I choose to judge no one. To each their own. (NOTE: That includes you AND me too!) Still, for whatever reason, certain coaches or teachers appeal to me and some don’t. In fact, some, if not most, come across as being dishonest or fraudulent. This ESPECIALLY arises when we see the people that claim to be out there helping others living LAVISHLY or LUXURIOUSLY. Personally, I don’t get jealous when I see this. I wonder what it would be like, sure, but one could spend a lifetime wondering what it would be like and never experience it. Perhaps that’s why we can get small tastes of living in the lap of luxury, still, for a price (usually), but without the long term cost implication. For example: RENTING an exotic car for a day. Owning an exotic car is not feasible for everyone, nor is it necessarily DESIRED by everyone. I spent 20 or more years DREAMING of owning a Lamborghini someday. Later, after having kids, I started seeing life through more practical eyes and no longer hold this dream. I have replaced it with something else, which is simply to DRIVE a Lamborghini. That was right beside “fly a plane” on my list and in March of 2013 or so I DID fly a plane! It was a trip. It was just what I needed. I felt the feeling and will always cherish it, but have since moved on.

When I think about putting myself out there and baring my soul and my life and opening myself up to the judgment and scrutiny of others, I often catch myself thinking, “when this is successful and I am actually helping people get what they want…how is it going to look that I don’t struggle to pay my bills anymore…or worse yet…live in a decent home?”

The truth is that WHEN you see me living in a decent home or taking a nice vacation somewhere tropical, you will KNOW that you can too, because right now I am just a regular guy with a dream, just like you. I have a few “things” that are sort of valuable and a do have a nice vehicle (that we pay dearly for – remember when the going was good?) but our home is not our ideal. It’s not what we truly desire for our children or ourselves, so we are working HARD to achieve more and what I find myself working the HARDEST at is this: The Infinity Key! Because I just KNOW that when I prove it works to MYSELF that it will SURELY be a tool that others can use to set and achieve their goals too.

So…THE goal, since I haven’t really spelled it out yet is to continue developing these resources for the benefit of others, using myself as the guinea pig and PROOF of it’s effectiveness which will subsequently result in the achieving of MY goal, which, for right now anyway, is to increase our income to the point that we are able to cover our expenses and fast track the repayment of some of these debts that have been lingering far too long now. I have the right, as do you, to ASK for whatever I want or need and am looking forward to experiencing the abundance that putting this together and putting it out there will bring. I hope you will join me and do the same.


– MFJ 😉

How I Read My Daily Infinity Key Email

I thought it might be helpful to share how I read my own daily Infinity Key email, which I call “My Daily Bread”, so I recorded the following video to give you an inside look that may inspire you to come up with your own way.

I would like to note at this time that this whole thing, The Infinity Key, putting myself out there, making these videos, etc. is all very new to me, so your encouragement, support AND feedback are appreciated, no matter what you have to share, I can take it and I WANT to hear it!

Getting Into The Mood or Drowning Out Background Noise

There are lots of ways of getting into a good mood for gratitude and self-sedation for meditation, but here’s a tip if you’re completely lost and are the type of person, like I am, who really benefits from having a resonating sound of music in the background. Searching YouTube for “meditation background music” reveals a lot of options that you may enjoy. I did a quick search today to find background music for focusing on my own intentions and found the following:

If you have a technique that you would like to share, let me know! I would love to hear it and be able to share as many ideas as possible to those in need! Thank you.

Day 6

I wanted to share a little bit of a progress update today, in fact, I have been meaning to share a little bit of an update EVERY day, however, every day has been a little bit of a struggle and when there is a struggle it is sometimes hard to find the motivation to see things through EVEN WITH all of the wonderful tools we might have at our fingertips and the knowledge we have to see it through.

It has now been 8 days since we paid our rent with 36 cents left over. For 7 of those days, with no income, no invoices being paid, nothing to fall back on, we were having a bit of a hard time maintaining a positive outlook. Especially as we saw the refrigerator getting emptier and the cupboards getting bare!

I am not kidding either. We were also down to 5 rolls of toilet paper and we usually have 24!

But we persevered with our positive approach and performed our routines with care and attention, for example, reading my own daily Infinity Key email.

Late in the day yesterday a client who I didn’t really do very much work for, insisted on paying full value for something that took much longer than I would have estimated. So we suddenly had a little under $200 that we knew would be being deposited into our account within the next couple of days.

Yesterday evening, I received a call, quite unexpectedly from someone with Jack Canfield’s success team and long story short, one of the last things she said after hearing my story of late and giving me what I would liken to a “sample coaching session”:

My handwriting leaves a lot to be desired, but this says, “Joyfully receive receivables.”

This morning the deposit was already on it’s way into the account, so we had that to look forward to, but as I arrived at my desk, before I sat down and turned it on I felt compelled to do an about face, return to our bedroom and say to my wife, “better get up, we have a day of joyfully receiving receivables ahead of us!” THEN I sat down at my desk…

In my inbox was one e-transfer for $1,000 from someone who owed a little over $1,000 on their account AND we received $1,250 from someone who only owed $500 on their account! The note that came with it was with the note, “plus a little extra to help you out.” What was interesting about this is that this person had NO IDEA what we have been going through. We also received a cheque in the mail for a little over $100. All totaled we were able to put a little bit towards everything, catch up on the car payment, catch up on the NSF and have money for groceries. It may seem like a lot of money, and it IS a lot of money, however we are not looking at this as though ‘everything is now fixed’. Truth be told, having money there, being able to feed the kids, OBVIOUSLY we are very grateful for that but we are not going to give up though we’re going to see it through. We are going to see each day come and go with a greater feeling of abundance and we will prevail.

We would really encourage you, I would really encourage you to take a minute read through the steps and create your Infiniti key today.

Join me on this amazing adventure! I would love for you to share your results with me, which you can do by contacting me here!

Let’s keep doin’ this!